27 Jul 2013


Hello!Hope you are all ok. I have never tried any Illamasqua products, but I have really wanted to try some of their range. So, I checked out the sale products (and might I add there is a huge sale which you can view here), and bought the 'Under-eye Concealer' in #210.

23 Jul 2013

14 Jul 2013


 Hello Everybody!

As the weather is picking up, I personally cannot be bothered to throw a full face of make up on. I have wanted such a light coverage and barely hardly any eye makeup. I have kept a reasonably strong brow, as per, but kept everything else minimal with a little lick of mascara, wash of eye-shadow and a peachy gloss.


Hi Guys!

So, over the weekend I headed off to town and went into my local Primark. I did have to motivate myself as I chose to go in the afternoon- which NEVER brings a good Primark shopping experience. I did not want to mess around and I knew exactly what I wanted.

9 Jul 2013


Hello Guys!

I am soo excited to announce a competition from etailPR Blogger Network and Daniel Footwear! Daniel Footwear, as you all my know, is a respected footwear company that sell some really lovely and unique finds! Personally, I really like their products as they are exceptionally good quality and such a nice range of both shoes and accessories; EVERY GIRLS DREAM!

There is an opportunity to be entered into the competition where you could win '£150 to spend on beautiful shoes at Daniel Footwear'. Also the if you win the competition, you could receive a beach bag full of bits, bobs and summer essentials! Not only that.. there is a £50 Boots voucher and a pair of the amazing Havaiana flip flops!

I have created my own wishlist of all the shoes and accessories that Daniel Footwear offers. Because I am in need of some flat shoes, sandals and some summer appropriate heels, I have opted for a range rather sticking to multiples of near enough the same time. I have chosen these because they are very versatile, but each can be dressed up or down!

To find out more details about the competition, the history of Daniel Footwear check out etailPR's blog here.


7 Jul 2013


Hello Again!

I am soo sorry that I have not blogged for a whole week! I give my sincerest apologies and have a couple of upcoming posts that I hope you are all excited to see!