2 Aug 2013



I have numerous Tangle Teezers which I have accumulated over the past few months and I thought I would share my interest with you all! I undoubtedly guess that you have heard of this at some point within the last year, and maybe heard everyone rave about them. I have my own opinions and hopefully can justify what amazing products the are!

I have such knotty tangled hair that is a pain to brush throughout the day, but even more when I have just washed it. As I dye my hair, it is extremely knotty and dry. It can become very uncomfortable to brush nicely and remain sleek throughout the day. I was kindly bought my first Tangle Teezer. I now have three!!

I really really like using the Tangle Teezer as it fits soo comfortably in your hand. I do not think the picture I have taken justifies how easy it sits in the palm of your hand, but it really does. It has grooves around the top to sit nicely to maximise comfort for brushing your hair. As silly has it sounds it has been thought through and the asthetics are great.

The Tangle Teezee comes in a variety of different shapes amd sizes. I have the bigger, more simple styled ones in comparison to the leopars print one in the picture. Of cpurse, there are lots of different designs that yoy can choose from; it is easy to pick one that matches your own - or someone else's- personality! I would really recommend these if you suffer from damaged, dry or bleached hair as brushing is now really easy for ,me. I have not used another brush, or comb, since using The Tangle Teezer.

Although you can buy these from different high street shops, like Topshop, and individual hair dressers, the are still rather pricey at £12..Depending where you have purchased it, However, the are such great products and can honestly say work a treat!

You can view the whole product range here, and follow @tangleteezer on their Twitter account!



  1. Love this product! I also have stubborn, knoty, and tangly hair. This would really help. <3

    Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin', hope you could follow me back so we could keep in touch! <3


    1. I really recommend the Tangle Teezer. They will remove all stubborn knots!

  2. i'm dying to get one of theese, I don't think I ever came across a negative review about them!


    1. They are great! I really recommend them. I would say if you were thinking about buying one, keep checking ebay and amazon for sellers!

  3. ha! very trendy comb
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    good luck

  4. I've never even heard of this! It seems like a wonderful product. They are cute too :)