19 Aug 2013



I, and two of my blogger friends Paige and Katie, were kindly invited to our local Selfridges counter by Business Manager, Lydia, for the launch of Lancome's new product, Dream Tone. Prior to visiting the Lancome, I had heard a few opinions and reviews about the 'airbrush in a bottle' and was soo excited to hear all about it.

First, I must praise Lydia for being soo kind, informative and welcoming. My fellow bloggers are new to blogging, and hearing about new products and they were astounded by how enthusiastic and lovely Lydia was. It is incredibly important to have a welcoming face because beauty counters can be intimidating. Not only did Lydia make us feel welcome, she gave a whole product low down and explained all the ins and outs of Lancome's philosophy and Dream Tone's effects on women.

Dream Tone is explained, by Lancome, to be 'a skincare product so powerful that 2 out of 3 women would dare to bare their skin.' Being a fond lover and junky of foundation, I underestimated the product initially as I, personally, am horrified of going 'bare'. Dream Tone is explained to be the 'ultimate dark spot corrector', as well as the 'beautiful skin tone corrector.' For women much like myself with blemishes and scars, I was excited to see the results and to see whether my blemishes, marks and unwanted uneven complexion could be cured.

The formula is not greasy at all. I am fond of this as most things are way too thick and heavy but this has the right consistency and disappears when rubbed into the skin. It comes in three different shades to match all skin complexions; 'Fair', 'Medium' and 'Dark.' This caters for all skin. Much like all other Lancome products, the signature scent is strong, but not over powering; It smells great!

Upon receiving a generous sample to try, I immediately thought I must share my thoughts, once I have played with the product and clear results were shown. I have taken pictures of the results as I am really pleased with what the product has done. Application advice is to be used day and night on clean skin, and to be 'applied over entire face or used as a dark spot treatment.' 

The first picture I have tried to focus on a blemish that is less visible since I have been using Dream Tone. The second is my naked face (URGH BARE) that is clearly more even and covered.

Dream Tone retails at £69.00 for a bottle of 40ml. Using one pump per day, the amount will have longevity and last for a while. Giving the guarantee of even skin through out the remaining summer, and days where you want the 'natural make-up', Dream Tone can ensure you look great!

AND! Lydia also announced, exclusively to Selfridegs Birmingham, when you purchase a Dream Tone, along side ANY other product, you will be gifted with a box of goodies worth £140.00! Inside, sits numerous 'best sellers' from Lancome, but only why stocks last. 

To view product detail about Dream Tone, view Lancome's site here,
Follow Lancome on twitter, @LancomeUK
and also leave a comment on whether you wish good ridden to those pesky red blemishes, uneven skin tone and dark spots!




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