14 Jul 2013


Hi Guys!

So, over the weekend I headed off to town and went into my local Primark. I did have to motivate myself as I chose to go in the afternoon- which NEVER brings a good Primark shopping experience. I did not want to mess around and I knew exactly what I wanted.

I bought these suede like shorts for just £2!! Bargain! They have little frill on and are incredibly verstile. They are a couple sizes too big, as the sale sizing was limited, but- I am pleased I have bought them and think they are very versatile.

I did really want a denim look skater skirt because I feel they go with any outfit. Especially now we have summer weather, I want something light weight that is not going to make me over heat. I really like this skirt and I am planning to wear this in the winter/fall too witch some thick tights and a jumper!
Unlike the skirts in Topshop, this one was very reasonably priced at an amazing £8!! 

I love these cut little sandals from Primark. I had every intention of buying some gelly type shoes and these looked great! Again, they were very cheap at £3, but the range of shoes they had were amazing. I am not sure how temperamental the detailing is but I am excited to wear them!



  1. I love the demin skirt. Rally hoping my local store has it in as would be fab for my holiday :)
    Very cute sandals