30 May 2014

Birmingham Line-Up App


I must sincerely appologise for the serious delay and lack of posts. I am currently approaching the end of my A Levels and therefore will steadily increase my blog activity. However, still remain appreciative of patience and have some really exciting upcoming posts: hauls, pictorials and a multitude goodies.

I was recently contacted by Fran, Community Manager of Line- Up, in reference to a new social platform that allows profiles to be created. Profiles are not primarily tailored towards those with blogs, more so of people interested in events in and around Birmingham; Line- Up allows it's users to keep in touch with different events and companies. 

Having created my profile - and having a mooch around- I am really rather fond of the app and feel it's a great way to maintain an up to date persona. 

Line-Up is now available in the App Store, ready and waiting to be utilised with those who fancy attending events and seeing what companies have to offer, in addition to see what top names in Birmingham are interested in!

Our usernames are as followed:
Fran- fran91
Me- PPCharlotte

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