17 Jun 2013

BBC Good Food and Garden Show 16/06/13

On Sunday, I went to the NEC, in Birmingham, to the BBC Good Food Show and Garden Show. This is a regular occurrence for my family as we go to both the summer, and winter food shows. If you are wondering what the exhibition is, it is basically three halls full of different food brands, giving samples and offering bargains that we cannot normally get. The companies, also, are not very accessible, so it is a great chance to shop around and browse through luxury products. We also had tickets to the auditorium which was James Martin demonstrating a quick 3 course meal.
It was a lovely, although tiring day, but I  thought I would share some pictures nonetheless. I did not manage to take great pictures of everything as the photo's were taken with the camera on my phone, instead of all my other pictures, on my blog, that have been taken with my camera.


I tried an oyster.. It was surprisingly nice-but- very slimy.

Inside the James Martin show where he made a three course meal with squid, fish and a homemade ice-cream! YUM

These were little pods that were for sale. Inside was a luxurious interior that had a lovely dinning table and chair all around, fitted into the wall; they are soo cute.

The weather was not very pleasing and the overcast only made the day seem miserable, but it did not stop my family and I all really enjoying ourselves.


  1. Hey Charlotte, I really like your blog. I went to the Flower show in Scotland it was a really great day. I am going plan on doing a post about it soon so keep an eye out. I can't believe you got to see James Martin! I love watching him on Saturday kitchen.



    1. Thank you, it means alot. I really enjoyed myself- I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! James Martin was a funny character but his demonstrations were very informative. I will be sure to keep an eye out for your post too.