11 Jun 2013

REVIEW | Shu Uemura- Eyelash Curler


Prior to my investment, I normally used to buy cheap, bad quality, eyelashes curlers that did not work at all. For something that could potentially rip my eyelashes out, I wanted to invest in the raved about Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers. I had seen many YouTube videos featuring these lash curlers, as well as reading several blogs on the quality of these; I heard nothing but good things.

I brought them from the House of Fraser, at £20.00. Considering I knew nothing other than minimal lasting power and eye watering application, but, I found these a dream to use the first time of trying them. These are great. They are very firm, which I would gather helps the longevity as the clamp your eyelashes without tearing them from the root, and they also seem to be non-damaging to the eyelashes. I have been using them for about 2 months now, everyday, and have found no problem.

I enjoy using these before I apply my mascara because without any product they work soo much nicer and do not pull at your lashes. They remained curled throughout the day, even though I sometimes gently re-clamp the lashes when the mascara is dry (personal preference).

They are pretty extensive as they are £20.00 but they are completely worth it. They ensure that your eyes, and lashes, are not at harm of breaking or being damaged. They are soo much better than cheap ones that you may have to keep repurchasing. I would recommend these lash curlers as they maintain curl throughout the day and do not inflict any harm, or weaken your lashes.



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