11 Jun 2013

REVIEW | Nails Inc- 'Elizabeth Street'


Hello again guys. Considering the summer season is coming around quite sharpish, I have been hunting through my nail varnish collection in search for the perfect pale pink! To me, the perfect summer pink is Essie 'Fiji', that I no longer have. BUT, Nails Inc never fails to satisfy my needs in terms of colours, quality and longevity. So- whilst pursuing my desire for the summery colour, I came across Nails Inc 'Elizabeth Street'; an all summer long varnish.

I really love Nails Inc and everything the brand has to offer. I deem all their products perfect in, as mentioned, colour pay off and longevity. The at-home manicure normally lasts me about 5-7 days, without chipping, which for me is a winner because balancing college, homework and social time is very demanding, evidently sometimes neglecting a much needed pamper.

Knowing that the manicure will stay all week, I immediately pushed my cuticles back, filing to create a square  tip and painted away. The application of the varnish is a breeze; the paint glides on with ease. Whilst waiting for the first coat to dry, I assessed the colour pay off and decided that it would definitely need a second coat to reach the opacity that I wanted. After the second coat, I was really happy with the depth of colour that I had managed to create. Still on my nails at the moment, it remains, without any chips, a lovely light coloured pink that makes me look even more tan to which I especially love this in the summer time.

Nails Inc- 'Elizabeth Street'


  1. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog Charlotte :)
    This looks amazing♥
    I'm loving the soft pink!! x

    - http://alittleblogbyayaka.blogspot.co.uk/ -

    1. It's a lovely colour, I had it on for 3 weeks straight!

  2. Hi Charlotte, love this colour. So pretty.
    Following your lovely blog already with GFC and Bloglovin. :)
    Thank you again for visiting my blog. Let me know when you follow back.
    Have a good weekend!
    Claudia P.