15 Jun 2013

REVIEW | St Tropez 'Bronzing Mousse'

Hi again guys!

During the summer, I love to be tanned. Although all year round I really like a sun-kissed glow, summer time calls for a tan. I have been wanting to get a really nice false tan, that will last and not have an orange tinge to it; St Tropez has always stood out and been my favorite tan since my mom and I brought a set in a January sale.

On Saturday, when we had glorious sunshine all the week prior, I headed off to town with the intention to see what Boots had to offer, in the self tan department. I brought myself St Tropez's 'Instant Bronzing Mousse', which I had had my eye on for a while. Anyway, I wanted the mouse, rather than the liquid to help with the application and blending, to avoid any obvious stripes. Boot's offers this at £13.66, which I feel is a really good bargain for its brilliance.

St Tropez's products, from my experiences, all provide a lovely colour without an orange hew and makes it look really realistic, even though it is from a bottle. Personally, I think that, when developed, the colour is not artificial and is like you have been sunbathing on the coast of the Mediterranean for 2 weeks. From the swatch, the colour and formulation does not look attractive at all- but it develops, instantly, into a summer glow. I put two layers of this on and it really enhances an existing tan too.

The product normally lasts around 4-6 days , which I think it great and encourages the actual length of how long you are able to use the bottle, efficiently; alot goes a long way. It advises you to exfoliate regularly but I do not. I do not, personally, see the point of ruining the time of spent and change of colour in your skin. I only exfoliate and take the colour off when I am fed up of being soo tan.

TIP:  I apply this with my hands and do not really try to avoid 'orange hands' where the tan has stained. I often put a squirt of toothpaste on my hands and use it like a moisturiser, and then rinse off. This erases most of the colour and avoids any obviousness.



  1. Love your toothpaste tip - I always end up with such orange hands when I use tanning things haha xx

    1. I am glad you've found something helpful! I have been doing this for about 5 months and it really helps to control the orange tint