13 Jun 2013

PICTORIAL | Eyebrow Routine in Pictures

Me, again!

The history of my eyebrows is really not too exciting and quite frankly embarrassing. For some time, my eyebrows remained extremely sparse due to over plucking. This was quite horrific as it was mainly through my secondary school years. They really were dreadful. But, I soon started to get into make up so the process of growing them out could be hidden, to an extent. I had them reshaped and threaded which, as you all my know, 'frames your face.' Anyway, I am a fan of arched eyebrows and try to get a (natural as possibly) arch in them by filling them in with both pencil and eyeshadow.

The products I used range. The pencil I use is mainly YBF but I also like using MUA and Rimmel. To me, the pencil does not matter all that much because I then set the pencil/wax with a light brown eyeshadow, which is about 2 shades darker than my hair. Sleek's 'Storm Palette' and Urban Decay 'Naked' both have some really great matte shades which I use; 'Naked' eyeshadow is great. If I have made a mess of them (I do sometimes) I like to conceal them and again, sharpen the shape with my MAC Studio Sculp, which is two shades lighter than my skin tone so adds as a highlight too.

1) I first brush through my eyebrows to remove of the foundation and generally to grrom them into the shape that I want. I brush the hairs up at the front and then smooth the tail of the brows down towards my jaw. This creates a nice effect and helps as a guideline for the shape I want overall.

2) I then lift my brow up so the skin is taught, and create a line where I want my brows to be. Although I may look surprised, this helps the brow to be drawn in an arch.

3) I then thicken the tail of the brow to make it look more balanced as I do not have a lot of hair on the tail of my brow. I do this by, again, drawing a line down towards my ear. I go outside the natual line of my brow to add to appearance of thick brows.

4) I am using a Bobbi Brown fine liner brush to blend in what I have done. This smooths the line and fills in what I have not done with the pencil.

5) I then take my eye shadow and fill in what I have done. This darkens and sets the pencil to increase longevity and helps the brows stay on for longer.

6) Finally, much like step 5, I take my eye shadow but push the brush up towards my hair line, rather than smoothing out the pencil. This makes it more natural looking and not so 'square'.


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