6 Jun 2013

REVIEW | Rimmel's 'Apocalips Lip Lacquer's'


Me again, I am on a role with all this blogging. I am actually really enjoying sharing my thoughts on products and what I am up to, but nonetheless, here is what I have to say on Rimmel's 'Apocalips Lip Lacquer's'.

In my collection, I have two of these Lip Lacquers, one in 'Celestial', and the other in 'Stella'. On a whole, these are good lip products. They do stain the lips with the colour, both with great pigmentation and gloss. However, I do find myself re-applying after an hour or two so the longevity is not as great as the colour pay off!

As for the finish, they instantly appear glossy. I am not normally a fan of the glossy lip, so I stick to matte or frosts, in MAC terms. I was pleasantly surprised by how, after a couple minuets, the finish transforms to a non-shine lipstick. I really like this about these products.

'Celestial' is a pretty pink nude, which is more pink than not. In the swatch, it looks fairly dark, but it actually is more nude. This is hopefully illustrated in the picture where I am wearing it. This is a wearable colour that I wear to college with a lick of mascara and a heavy contour. The 'Lip Lacquer' is a 'your lips but better' colour that I have recently been really enjoying!

As for 'Stella', it is a vivid pink that is very rich and bright. I would wear this as my 'pop of colour' because it really brightens up any look, whether that be your make-up or outfit. The colour is pretty red and can definitely be layered to increase colour pigmentation; I cannot wait till I get a nice summer tan to help sport this lipstick.

Other than that, there is an extensive range of colours, which all have great pigmentation and colour pay off, from what I have heard, seen and experienced. At a cheap £4.99, I really recommend these.


Top- Bottom: 'Celestial', 'Stella'

Left- Right: 'Celestial', 'Stella'




  1. I really like both, but I must say that I'm in love with the shade Stella! Thanks for sharing this! xx

    1. Thanks, I love Stella for a lazy day where I just have mascara on, it gives such a lovely pop of colour!