6 Jun 2013

Real Techniques Splurge: 'Duo-fiber Collection', 'Blush Brush'

During the heavy exam phase, I thought it was best if I invested in some new brushes, you know, a ladies prerogative and such! Since their release in May, the new Real Techniques brushes have caught my eye. I have been watching all their promotions, whether that be by Sam Chapman, or reviews on YouTube. I was convinced I was going to buy them because they seemed such great brushes.
The new limited edition brush set from Real Techniques, to go along side my 'Core Collection' and eye shadow 'Starter Set' and decided it was time to splash out. I brought the 'Blush Brush' and the 'Duo-fiber Set' (limited edition.) Much like all the others I have in my collection, I am incredibly impressed with both the practicality and quality of these brushes.
Although I am really pleased with my purchases, the actual hair of the 'Duo-fiber Set' is white and I know will get incredibly stained. If you have time to clean your brushes every time they are used, then this would not be such a problem, I, however, do not. Also, the hairs on each brush is very long but I suspect this, as well as the duo-fibers, contribute to the light coverage criteria.

In addition to the simplistic, sophisticated and sassy design, these brushes are in all round must; the 'Duo-fiber Set' works incredibly at achieving a light coverage and an easily blended application, and the blush is great for a much needed rosy cheek!

I love the 'Blush Brush' already. Although I brought this mainly to sweep powder under the contours of my eyes because it easy easily manipulate by the way you hold the handle, for example; swiping the length of the brush along your face. It works create when applying blush- surprise surprise. To do so, I put the product on the tip of the brush and the hairs, being tapered, naturally blend the product into my base.

Real Techniques: 'Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Collection'

Real Techniques: 'Duo-Fiber Limited Edition Collection'

Real Techniques: 'Blush Brush'

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  1. I've been researching these brushes heaps to try and decide whetherI should buy them! I've only heard good things! So you reckon they're worth it?